Aliens for Thoughts – A new short novel

AD Wayne Author Website by Alexa Wayne

This idea of being a sci-fi horror author was in my head for years! I came up with the idea for the novel some twelve years ago or so. I wanted it to be perfect until I realized it is impossible.

My story is based on my vision of a very distant future, aliens for thoughts, only the beginning of a new short novel.

Science & Fiction

What I most enjoy about a good sci-fi novel or series or movie, is when people actually put some thought into the science behind the fictional obvious. When there is a backstory to what is made possible and not just “the audience will accept it, they’ve seen other sci-fi.” I find that thought process to be a little lazy.

Supra Project - FRANKENSTEIN by A.D. Wayne
Supra Project – FRANKENSTEIN by A.D. Wayne

When I decided to write sci-fi, I went and did a lot of research. I’m not saying my ideas are entirely different from many others who have been writing or came out with stories of their own before me. Of course, some sources will resemble others because there is only so many FTL (faster than light) travel hypothesis that might be stretchy, but somewhat eventually possible.

You can read my article on the FTL by Star Trek here. 🙂

I even made research on solar systems that could eventually be reachable by us, from Earth. I crossed check sources from Wikipedia to, to Earth & Sky and Nasa. I went back and forth and looked at many possibilities for many planets and other details that might be eventually of great importance to me in my series.

Because science fiction isn’t just fiction. It was important to me to get certain facts before planning a space-based novel. Of course, reading and research were my best pals along this writing journey.

Aliens & Horror

Despite being a Trekker, Star Trek The Next Generation, it is the movie Event Horizon that got me into the horror side of science fiction. After all, TNG or Star Trek, in general, isn’t known for its horror factor. Haha.

Star Trek The Next Generation - Commander Data
Star Trek The Next Generation – Commander Data

The Alien franchise got me hooked, just as RoboCop (1987) did, but Event Horizon combined both my favorite subject: sci-fi and paranormal. It is very hard to bring harmony to both subjects and yet, they did it in a very smart way. I cannot say how much I loved that movie.

With my series, UNFORGIVEN I I’m bringing the readers into a new science fiction world and dimension. Not new in the sense that it’s a super original idea that was never done before, but in my own world. It is a series that will be aside from what will be coming next. Because there isn’t just one UNFORGIVEN but an UNFORGIVEN II.

Superman - Henry Cavill by Alexa Wayne
Superman – Henry Cavill by Alexa Wayne

The first short, Captain Caldwell, is the installment of UNFORGIVEN II the series by presenting the characters for UNFORGIVEN I. The idea is to bring both worlds together, and yet, they couldn’t be further apart.

That is the beauty of science fiction, it opens up to possibilities and theories that can only take shape if you sit down, do research and bring it to life.

Supra Project Series – FRANKENSTEIN

The novel is about a woman from the 21st century and the LSS Slicer crew. Through her point of view, we find out that her DNA hides something revolutionary that could give Liberty the advantage in the multidimensional war.

The series takes place in the 26th century, well after the first intergalactic war between Earth and its colony on Liberty where they created AIs capable of fooling humans of Earth.

The idea behind it was to show that humans have a hard time learning from their past. That despite growing in age species-wise, we seem to be stuck in the same time loop of violence, conquering and taking freedom away.

AD Wayne Author Website by Alexa Wayne
AD Wayne Author Website by Alexa Wayne

The novel shows what type of world Earth has become and what awaits it. It brings up question humanity has been having for quite a while and introducing species of aliens that I have based on research done through my ufology course.

I do hope you enjoy what is coming up in my science fiction/horror writing. Although, don’t expect as much horror in Frankenstein as there will be in its sequel, Under…I almost revealed the name of the sequel!

The OCD Borg,
Alexa Wayne

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