Star Trek — Top 25 Sexiest Males

As a nerdy woman, watching Star Trek was always one of the most exciting series to awaken some new ideas of the male form, from The Original Series to the latest one: Discovery.

Star Trek, as I grew older and more into the science-fiction factor, had me wonder what it would be like to be sexually attracted to a male alien. An android or simply a futuristic man because when you think about it, sensations must be different from one species to another and the result in orgasms, therefore, might also differ in rhythm or maybe in timing as well.

Star Trek was a family show, I know, but you cannot stop a woman’s fertile mind from thinking about what it would be like to have a steamy night with a Klingon knowing that they have two warrior manhood pointing up toward you…

Also, so, with that said, let’s start the Top 25 Sexiest Males of Star Trekaccording to my taste.

25. Star Trek Discovery: Commander Saru

Second, in command, Saru is an alien of the Kelpien race introduced in Star Trek Discovery as the science officer and later on upgraded when joining the Discovery crew after the battle against the Klingons onboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

Enough technicality said, on with his amazingly keen senses up to his gills behind his ears detecting any fear and maybe great intense sensations even. When looking at his mouth, full and his nostrils higher and aligned with his pupils thus leaving ample space in between, makes me wonder how good he would be beneath the sheets going down on me.

The texture of his skin seems a little different from one of a human and his hands and fingers more full. Almost amphibian-like gives him a certain strange beauty that I can get into quickly. His personality, passionate yet confident, leads me to believe he could be a very intense lover. His sexiness is all in his unique and lean look.

After all, you cannot expect a Top 25 Star Trek Sexiest Males without having a few aliens in there; imagining what it would be like knowing a species might have other foreign expertise in the private field.

24. Star Trek Deep Space 9: Marshall Odo

Security Officer Odo is a shape-shifter unique among a variety of alien stationed on the space station where the United Federation of Planets decided to protect the wormhole and work with Bajoran people.

Odo was not a Starfleet officer, but was named the Marshall of the station and later in the series, slowly, developed a physical and mental attraction to Major Kira with whom he later on falls in love with during the series.

Odo is a unique character that doesn’t understand the need for physical exchange and sexual desire as his species does not reproduce in such a manner. Odo is entirely oblivious to what romance or lovers are. However, it showed that he was able to develop a genuine connection with another female alien and so, discover himself and needs he never thought he possessed.

It is intriguing to think about the things that would be possible for someone such as Odo to accomplish when mixed with a shape-shifting ability. However, incapable of entirely replicate a human being, Odo does have the capacity of shifting.

Unaware of all the sexual possibilities, I would say that Odo deserves a spot for needing a… fertile mind to teach him how to become addicted to the satisfaction of pleasing oneself through another.

23. Star Trek The Original Series: Khan Nonnien Singh

Khan became an essential character in the Star Trek universe and a notable villain. Part of the Botany Bay ship launched in the nineties. Khan is the leader of the eighty-four other humans aboard.

After some medical tests, Khan and his team were a special breed of humans meant to be “perfect” therefore superior to any other beings of Earth.

Khan might be a villain, but his looks are nonetheless attractive. I believe the thought of bad boys being more attractive does apply in his case when looking at his different appearance, dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin it is hard to resist him.

His superior strength and abilities, his confidence and manly appearance, would have me, more than certainly, succumb to his charm a few inches below his navel that must also be superior when imagining myself being propped against a wall as he would ask me to surrender to him. I mean, just a thought.

22. Star Trek The Next Generation & Voyager: Q

Q is a very entertaining villain, to say the least, in The Next Generation series showing a unique obsession toward Captain Jean-Luc Picard while in Voyager, he shows to be a very persistent suitor for Captain Katheryn Janeway.

As an omnipotent species, Q is capable of manipulating the very fabric of space and bend and change it to its will and would not hesitate to do so to put the human race on trial many times as he judged we were not ready for space travel.

However, his attachment to Janeway proves to be very romantic (a little too much for my taste) but shows a “human” side to the larger than life character.

His omnipotence could come in handy when you feel like riding the rollercoaster twice in a row without having to wait for another turn if you know what I mean…

His full lips and height are also entirely desiring. Also, it always has me wonder how torturous he could be as he could make an orgasm long lasting keeping me on edge because Q possesses the power to do whatever he desires.

21. Star Trek Discovery: T’Kuvma House, Rejac

The House of T’Kuvma among the Klingons needed someone to restore its honor, and so did the last of the name T’Kuvma, who could also be, but rarely known as Rejac, by trying to unify all Klingon Powerhouses to go against the Federation believing that their phrase “Coming in peace” is a lie.

T’Kuvma was a traditionalist, nationalist and racist against other alien species believing only in the purity of the Klingons’ blood. However short-lived, his character was charismatic enough to accomplish the unification, but once dead at the hands of Starfleet only after the two-episode premiere, his followers did not have better luck.

Let’s, for one moment, imagine that T’Kuvma was still alive. His role as a leader and unifier proves that he is a strong, confident male with a mighty stature. Being Klingon also implies that they have double organs for almost anything including their warrior manhood.

Now, as that could be up for debate on how it works, I prefer to believe it means twice the pleasure. A rough, raw, barbaric nature could appeal to more than one, including me and I am in no position to say no to his animal-like eyes and tasteful lips.

20. Star Trek Enterprise: Captain Jonathan Archer

Captain Jonathan Archer is a unique one, the first human captain aboard a flag starship such as Enterprise continually trying to prove that humans don’t need to be held by the hand by the Vulcans anymore. He faces many situations he has never anticipated and taken some decisions along the ride that I do not agree with in the least.

However, his love for his dog and his species makes him a lovable character nonetheless. Jonathan Archer is a type of man that although in command, doesn’t seem to be captain beneath the sheets.

He appears to be a versatile man, resourceful and although his appearance is athletic, he seemed to be a strong man with a romantic side he hides. I would let him surprise me.

19. Star Trek The Original Series: Science Officer/Second in Command Spock

The very first half Vulcan to be on Earth television. Emotionless, condescending, scientific and undeniably logical he is the science officer of the Enterprise and most probably Captain Kirk’s closest friend.

His father, an ambassador for the Federation, his mother human, Spock, grew up to embrace his Vulcan side by putting his emotions aside but did choose Starfleet over the Vulcan Science Academy that could have led him to an entirely different path.

Now, let’s take a closer look at those sexy elvish pointy ears and straight eyebrows. Spock is one of a kind when thinking about his personality and response to human behavior. However, when shown with a most attractive woman, sometimes under specific influences or not, his charisma is overwhelming by his way of keeping his emotion well under control.

Vulcans go through a sexual cycle named “Pon Farr” which is an urge for the alien race to reproduce or have a steamy ritual of physical interaction that leads them to open themselves to their significant other thus carnal interactions.

Spock, with his height, stature and mind mixed with a human side, always had me wonder how tamed he could be when attracted to a woman outside of the sexual cycle that only happens once every seven years.

His leaner silhouette could be deceiving as it is well known that Vulcans have superior strength and abilities. Let’s say that I wouldn’t mind nibbling on his pointy ears.

18. Star Trek Voyager: Lieutenant / Pilot Thomas Eugene Paris

Tom Paris is known as the lover boy of the crew for a while before he only had eyes for the half Klingon who eventually become his wife and mother to his first daughter, B’Elanna.

He was a reckless young man, always looking for trouble despite his father highly ranked in the Federation where at the Starfleet Academy, Tom failed miserably to follow the rules and eventually even joined the Maquis.

As the series goes along, Paris doesn’t lose his taste for adventure, after all he is married to a half Klingon, but to become the best pilot in the Fleet despite being stuck in the Delta Quadrant.

His taste for adventure, risk-taking character, Tom Paris would be a treat to discover, as a foreign territory one would like to visit once in a while to try something new. Of course, the image of a blond man with blue eyes can seduce some.

Nonetheless, I would be more curious to know what makes him so confident to try to seduce every woman he encounters. I want to know if he can put his money where his mouth is or where my *vagexa is and let’s leave it at that.

* My name is Alexa, get it?

17. Star Trek Voyager: Ensign / Operation Officer Harry Kim

Harry Kim, the one that most desired to go home beyond anyone else or so he thought. His character was one of a nerdy little man, although not so small, brilliant. He was the Operations Officer on the main bridge.

Kim always followed the rules and would never get in trouble. A little submissive and shy toward females in general, alien or not.

What I’ve always found most attractive about Harry Kim were his full lips and thick black hair. Physically pleasing, I believe all he would need is a little teaching as he seemed to be a very lonely man when it comes to going in bed.

Turned down more than once, his confidence in seducing a female took a toll on him, but once attracted to one that would show him attention in return, pure romance and kindness awaits.

I won’t lie, I’m more into strong, confident men, but if I would be looking for soft lovemaking by a fire, Harry Kim might be a good contender.

16. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Commanding Officer of the Second Order Gul Dukat

Dukat, Cardassian who ruled over a part of Bajor during the occupation. If a Star Trek nerd, it is no secret that no species wants to encounter the Cardassian for they are known for their torture, ferocious attacks and strength, and tenacity.

They do not admit defeat readily and do not retreat as fast as one would hope. Dukat is no different, however, would sometimes show himself as a villain while other times, he portrayed as an ally.

Let me take a deep breath: strong, tall, impressive, confident, a little on the crazy side, well Dukat checks all of my boxes when it comes to pure fantasy. His greyish skin, reptilian edges over his flesh.

He must have some battle wounds I could take care of and oh my, must he be lonely when conquering a planet. It’s okay he can come home to me, and I’ll keep the sheets warm for his overly strong confident personality and most likely manhood that must crave some company.

15. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Captain Benjamin Sisko

Sisko is the captain of the space station Deep Space Nine guarding a wormhole in Bajoran territory which just ended a war with the Cardassian people. At first, he experiences a lot of mixed feelings after losing his wife to the Battle of Wolf 359, anger towards Captain Jean-Luc Picard is even shown when he asks him to take command over the space station.

With a heart made of gold, Sisko is the kind of captain anyone would wish to follow. He has a sense of justice very acute, right hunches and listens to anyone who reaches for his help.

He even finds the time and will to deal with the Emissary title the Bajoran people have assigned him. Bajorans believe in Prophets to be the ones who had created the wormhole by the past putting much more weight on his shoulders.

Sisko has a honeyed voice I could listen to all day and never get tired of at all. I would wish little whispers in my ear as he would take command of the bed. By his actions, it is easy to tell that Sisko is a romantic and sentimental.

Nostalgic, he often takes a look at the Earth’s past to either find comfort or a lesson to learn. His look is very masculine, which is always very attractive, and I am very sure that he could use those lips for more than talking…

14. Star Trek The Next Generation: Hugh of the Borg

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” – The Borg Collective, Star Trek The Next Generation / Star Trek Voyager

The Borg are a cyborg civilization that conquers other planets to make the people part of their own Collective. They lose their individuality and obey to the ultimate ruler: The Borg Queen. The best way to explain their culture is to compare it to a hive. They are in constant search to be closer to perfection and bring order to chaos.

The Borg are unbeatable — to a degree as Picard and Janeway both defeated them, because of their keen and handy way of adaptation to weaponry, shields and other forms of attack.

The Borg were introduced to the crew of the Enterprise C under Captain Picard’s command by Q and according to Guinan, too early in human development.

Hugh was a Borg who crashed and called for help, when looking at him, the away team saw that the poor young man, twenty-six years old at the time, was in need of assistance, but due to recent event, not only the young Borg man went through a life crisis, but so did Captain Picard.

Now, let’s talk about the sexiness of this young Borg man. Borgs have superior strength, agility, thinking process, and their knowledge is way beyond ours. After all, because of the collective — Borg population, they have been sharing their thoughts and knowledge.

Hugh, the first Borg to be re-named must know quite a few alien ways to please a woman despite being human himself or at least humanoid. His enhanced senses must not be forgotten as they could be part of a test. I mean, I would let him assimilate me willingly.

13. Star Trek Discovery: House of T’Kuvma, Voq

Voq also referred to as Son Of None  and the albino Klingon. He used to be a member of the T’Kuvma House and named the Torchbearer for the “Messiah” before Rejac died. Then, Voq became the heir of the House and used his ship, the Sarcophagus.

Sadly, Voq has his ship stolen by Kol, the mutineer. Kol bribed Voq’s followers with food and supplies for the war against the Federation that is to come before Voq is “dead” on the crippled U.S.S. Shenzhou.

Voq has an albino pigmentation and as far as I know, might also be the only one — might need to do some research to be sure, known to have that characteristic. Such a condition add to his uniqueness.

The Klingon has a tragic past thus making most people sympathize with his character. His icy gaze is very mesmerizing, and so is his overall powerful appearance.

Voq’s gentleness might be something to look forward to, but his Klingon side is the one that captivates me with his strength and warrior quality. What I admire the most about him is that he has a very passionate mind and loyal heart. His devotion to bed must be quite mind-blowing.

I wouldn’t mind leading, both my legs on each side of his hips as I would look into his ice blue eyes and hear his growl leaving shivers going up my spine.

12. Star Trek Enterprise: Ensign / Pilot Travis Mayweather

Ensign Travis was the primary watch helmsman aboard the Enterprise NX-01, and an interesting fact about the character is that he was born on a spaceship and spent most of his life on one.

Travis is an important character, kind and always following orders. It is almost impossible not to like him. However, when looking at his body, it is also straightforward to find him attractive.

A young officer serving on the Enterprise? Military, strong, firm muscles, irresistible lips and gaze, how can one say no? Although he might be a little young for my taste, I personally like my men older, Travis is probably one of the few men I would make an exception for in this circumstance.

His honeyed voice and rigorous training make me wish I would sometimes be his lifting weight or make him sweat a little.

11. Star Trek Voyager: Commander / Chief of Security Tuvok

Tuvok: Official Second Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, his rank is quite impressive, and so is his strategic mind.

As a Vulcan, prisoner of the Delta Quadrant with his crewmates and Maquis ex-crew from when he played a double agent for the Federation? That was quite an adaptation that he handled well when Captain Janeway would require his counsel and friendship.

Tuvok is a secretive being, like any Vulcan keeping all of his emotions at bay only using his logic to dictate his action and reaction to obstacles put in front of him. Tuvok easily became one of my favorite Star Trek characters. I appreciated him, even more, when he became close with Seven of Nine who was a logical choice to befriend (haha! See what I did there?)

His loyalty and faithfulness, make Tuvok a very desirable male alone. He is a very strategic person, and I would sometimes wonder if he would be too calculated beneath the sheets.

Then again, maybe the animal within would take over when “PonFarr” would overwhelm him. Just by his posture alone, Tuvok inspires respect, and that is very attractive if someone, like me, enjoys a male in charge.

10. Star Trek The Next Generation: **Captain Jean-Luc Picard

No sexy list should exist without having Captain Jean-Luc Picard on it. His charisma alone is enough to make a woman wish to have a date with him. Picard is most probably the most beloved Star Trek Captain and here is why:

Picard might have been a rebel in his younger years, but since then he has learned to become a man and a most respectable one if I may say so.

He is a natural born leader, defender of his species even when assimilated by the Borg. Picard tried with all the strength he had to preserve secrets of humanity within him despite the collective invading his mind, raping him from his individuality.

He has faced torture by the Cardassian and still prevailed. He was one of the only humans who meld his mind with a Vulcan, Ambassador Sarek, when he needed order in his thoughts to keep his emotions at bay.

Picard went as far as defending Mr. Data’s rights to be the master of his own body and be seen as an individual who is alive.

If that is not enough to make a woman fall for a hero, I don’t know what is.

However, as Picard is comfortable with commanding his ship or an entire fleet for that matter, when it comes down to physical attraction toward another female he could prove to be quite clumsy and uncomfortable. I suspect Picard to be very secretive, shy and embarrassed when it comes to bedroom talk.

Despite his behind being quite attractive, his large and manly hands sensual and his voice is one of the most charming I have ever heard. His carnal desires remain unknown.

Shyness could be very appealing, and I know a few women who would go a long way to be in the arms of Captain Picard after all, isn’t saying “Yes, Captain” a little hot?

9. Star Trek TNG / Deep Space Nine: Commander / Chief Security Officer Worf

Worf, Son of Mogh, born on Qo’noS, yet five years later becomes an orphan when his high-ranking parents were killed during a surprise attack by the Romulans and raised by Federation human parents.

Worf grew up according to human culture, but, his adoptive parents encouraged him to pursue his Klingon roots thus helping him become a balance between the two rich cultures.

Worf used to be, to my knowledge, the only Klingon working as an active Starfleet officer. His story arch very prominent, he rapidly becomes one of the most beloved characters.

Especially his interactions with Mr. Data being awkward and would sometimes lose patience. After all, Klingons are not mainly known for their talkative personality instead of being practicing some warrior moves.

Worf’s relationship with Commander Riker is undeniable. Their bond is very touching, always there for one another. Worf has often referred to Riker as a friend, almost a brother to him.

However, the most touching moment of all comes from the second movie of the TNG franchise, and the best one in my opinion, First Contact. It was when Worf addressed Picard.

“If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand.” – Worf, Star Trek First Contact

Worf’s respect for his captain was undeniable.

Worf’s sense of humor is almost inexistent, but his loyalty is undoubtedly one of the most charming. His height, super strength, warrior personality is enough. Then again, it creates so many sensual scenarios with a touch of roughness I wouldn’t be able to resist.

I am sure that Worf is a biter. His animal instinct must be one of the most developed, yet his human side, coming from his Earthly education, must be just strong enough, so he knows how to handle a woman just right.

Also, he has me wonder how he uses his Klingon-hood as we all know now that they own two.

8. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir

Doctor Bashir, second in his class, was given the right to choose wherever he desired to perform as a Chief Medical Officer, and so he chose the space station Deep Space Nine. Bashir thought he could perform real-life frontier medicine, which he excels at easily.

Very confident of his abilities and his mental capabilities, Bashir never feels threatened intellectually and has a very prominent attraction for the ladies. Sometimes, Bashir can come out as a little too sure of himself and his charms. Maybe it’s his long dark eyelashes or his seducing voice.

We know that Dr. Bashir is an enhanced, genetically modified human male. Although prohibited in Federation territory, his parents did not hesitate when they thought he would never exceed their expectations.

Julian Bashir is logical, strategic, keen senses and has many abilities. A doctor who becomes more than helpful during his time on Deep Space Nine.

It has me think about his knowledge of the female body, his love for pleasure and enhancement making it easier for him to explore.  Also, improvement might also mean physical ones too.

7. Star Trek Discovery: Chief of Security Ash Tyler

Ash Tyler was a Klingon prisoner, tortured and raped repeatedly and suffered from paralyzing PTSD. Right away, his character is one that finds its way to your heart. Courageous, brave and strong, Tyler proves to be a great asset for the U.S.S. Discovery when Captain Lorca decides to escape the Klingon’s dungeon aboard a Bird of Prey.

*** Not to spoil the second part of the first season I won’t mention the Mirror Universe ***

Ash Tyler, long black eyelashes, rebel black hair, tanned skin, tall and athletic, a mouth I could kiss all day long. I mean what else there is to say? He is a dreamy looking man that must know how attractive he is and yet, shows some shyness when shown some attention.

Because of his past, Tyler must be someone who takes any relationship slow and must find it very hard to trust any woman coming near him.

With that said, I am not a psychologist, what if we pretend for a short moment that he has recovered from his past? Let’s say that I wouldn’t mind showing Tyler what intimacy could indeed be and how slowly going back and forth can also be very pleasurable when sharing a bed.

6. Star Trek The Original Series: Captain James Tiberius Kirk

What is there to say about Kirk than what is already out there? He is a unique captain who rarely follows the *Prime Directive. Kirk would mostly be on almost every away mission leaving his post aboard the Enterprise in the hands of another ranking officer.

Captain Kirk puts his life at risk more than one can count and adventures himself with more than one female alien.

He is a lover, a sexual object almost, he did have a reputation for charming females, a womanizer? I am not sure. Although he does respect the female kind and only makes his move on those he knows would reciprocate or appreciate him doing so, he is special.

He did somewhat chase anything that had a vagina and let’s be honest, with a “Disney Prince” looking face such as his, who would say no?

Kirk has everything that is pleasing: big eyes, blond hair, bulged lips, straight nose, strength, manly voice what else is there to say? On the plus side, he also got quite a few experiences under his belt. Some women would find that attractive.

Captain Kirk is to this day, one of the most attractive men I have seen and from an artist’s point of view, I can surely say that he is fantastic to draw, and I wouldn’t mind drawing Kirk in… um, compromising position.

* Prime Directive: The United Federation of Planets prohibits the Federation officers from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations, only permitting Federation starships to make the first contact with alien people who have warp technology and are ready to explore space.WIKIPEDIA – STAR TREK PRIME DIRECTIVE

5. Star Trek Enterprise: Commander / Chief Engineering Officer Charles Tucker III

Second in Command Charles “Trip” Tucker III aka Trip for triple or Tucker, was known for his adventurous and illogical side. Quite resourceful, he was a great engineer who faced many obstacles throughout his career.

The trip was a prisoner, was tortured, fatally wounded and brought back to life by Dr. Phlox through a clone. Tucker faced serious accusations and aliens, but never backed down until his end.

Tucker was my favorite character in Star Trek Enterprise, besides Archer’s dog, for his little southern accent I cannot resist making him extra charming to me.

Very sensitive in a most secretive way, he keeps most of his fears and sadness to himself and manifests themselves as dreams. Imaginative and creative, Tucker portrayed an ingenious and positive man.

His southern charm, gentleman approach, stature and posture, experiences, I wouldn’t mind seeing what the southern man in him has to welcome me with to lure me to his bed. I like what I see so far from Tucker, why not go down to his southern estate too?

4. Star Trek Voyager: Commander / First Commanding Officer **Chakotay

Chakotay, leader of the Maquis, who later becomes First Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Voyager is also the first Native American who has a commanding role and seen in every episode of the seven-year series Voyager.

Despite the vision quests and meditation methods poorly thought, in my opinion, from Star Trek — come on Star Trek, Native Americans are not all about “visions.” I understand that the series might not have desired to promote one tribe over another, but some things were not entirely clear about his heritage.

Quite honestly, I sometimes felt like Star Trek portrayed stereotypical Native Americans instead of futuristic ones. Don’t get me wrong, heritage is important, but let’s break some stereotypes.

With all that said, Chakotay was to me, one of the hottest men they’ve ever had on the show. His voice, soothing and calm, his loyalty to Voyager and the crew, his protective nature taking over when one species is in danger. Those are good qualities that are worth mentioning and very easy to fall for in any case.

Dark eyes, black hair, tanned skin, and a tattoo? What more is there to let a Native American man possesses me? Chakotay is so attentive, gentle and manly in every way that I wished we could’ve seen some more skin from him throughout the series.

I mean, I’ve imagined him in my head a few times, and it would’ve been worth it on the screen.

He has to be a very gentle lover, very responsive and I see him as a very touchy man as if contact of the flesh is essential to him as much as a kiss. I would let him use me without the slightest doubt.

3. Star Trek The Next Generation: Commanding Officer William T. Riker

Riker is the Kirk of The Next Generation. He is the bold, confident, sometimes arrogant and female chaser of his Enterprise. Under the command of Picard, Riker is a quite capable commanding officer.

Riker goes through a character arc that is most impressive and has shown many facets of his personality that sometimes would make you amazed while others, not so much.

As an example of his conquests that are not all worth mentioning on his resume, the episode The Game from season five has the starship Enterprisealmost conquered by another species. All caused because Riker develops an addiction to a virtual type of game that would bring pleasure, orgasms, it is not very subtle, every time a disk would enter a funnel.

The device is used to have the crew addicted to it and most probably is sending subliminal messages making even Captain Picard obey the alien representative until Mr. Data – incapable of pleasure, saves the starship.

Conclusion: because Riker cannot say no to orgasms, he almost had the Enterprise and its crew enslaved.

However, many times, Riker proved to be a valiant hero and very open-minded. His attraction to others is not limited to the beauty standards, but what is within. He fell for an androgen, a woman ruler, an Irish leader from a farming community, a woman slave he wished to save from her fate but in the end, has to vaporize with his phaser to save two civilizations from destruction.

Commander Riker has everything going for him from his head to his feet. A very tall man, imposing and charismatic with a honeyed voice so hard to resist. Blue eyes, dark hair, a masculine beard, and broad neck, he is most certainly handsome.

A natural born leader, Riker seems to be more than a one trick pony with his multiple experiences with many female encounters.

I wouldn’t mind seeing what he has to offer that we haven’t seen yet as long as a game is not involved.

2. Star Trek The Next Generation: Second Commanding Officer Mr. Data

Mr. Data was the sole survivor of the Omicron Theta colony that was destroyed by a Crystalline Entity. Self-aware, sentient and fully functional, Data is still today one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.

Despite being an android and claiming not being capable of emotional responses, I have yet to be convinced. After all, sometimes his actions and reactions have proved otherwise.

Data was on a journey to become more human, and in the end, he might have been a better human than us all when he sacrificed himself to save Captain Picard, movie Nemesis, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of. Haha!

Data is by all means superior to humans and most other species. He surpasses most alien nationalities and our own by physical strength, thought process, keen senses, endurance, deduction, knowledge storage, speed, and so on.

I have to admit having fantasized about him more than once, wondering what it would be like to have sex with an android that is fully functional, self-aware and who desires more than anything to become human.

I would give him a few reasons just to be himself because an android can go on forever, while a man has to stop a few times in between rounds.

Also, with fingers of a violinist, I wonder what he could do as foreplay although he wouldn’t need much to have me going. Just his calm voice and being an android is enough for me.

Sigh, Data, fully functional.

“In every way, of course. I am programmed in multiple techniques. A broad variety of pleasuring.” – Mr. Data, Star Trek The Next Generation

1. Star Trek Discovery: Captain Lorca

Lorca, Lorca, Lorca. Sorry, I forgot I was writing an article here. Let’s talk about one of the hottest man and character I’ve ever seen.

Captain Lorca is by far one of the most beautiful, irresistible, handsome, manly, phantasmagoric, transcendental man character I have ever have had the pure pleasure to watch.

His voice, deep and intense, commanding and sexual. His body, firm — I mean, have you taken a look at his rounded derriere? and his frontal right below his uniform jacket… that gorgeous pleasurable manhood there creating wrinkles on his pants screaming my name…biting my lower lip here.

What attracts me the most, besides Lorca’s looks that naturally conquered me, is the fact that he is an antihero. A little on the obsessively persistent side, he has more to hide than he shows.

There is a mysterious side of Lorca that has me wondered if he is the hero or the villain. I cannot tell which one he is, but I sure can say that I wish he were mine.

I mean, I have to stop before I start daydreaming about him and his irresistible appearance that has me drooling all over my blanket every time I watch Star Trek Discovery.

I could go on and on about Captain Lorca, but I feel like I have said enough for now.

How About Your List?

That is it! These aliens are my Top 25 Sexy Males of Star Trek! I hope you’ve enjoyed the voyage.

Until next time,
Live Long & Prosper

The OCD Borg
Alexa Wayne

**: Alexa Wayne is of both French and Native American heritage.

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