A. Wayne the Ufologist

I’ve always had an interest in space and never doubted that life exist on other planets.

I’ve always had an interest in space and never doubted that life exists on other planets. The question I had was: are UFO real?

Falling Stars

Sometimes I would just sit down by the patio door and look at the stars in the sky. I was only a toddler at the time. I would ask myself thousands of questions: who or what created the universe, then who or what created that thing or being, then who or what, you get it the idea.

Those questions would have me fall into daydream and smile. There was nothing I could do that would stop my mind from wandering and think about what was up there. It was, and as I grew older each meteor shower, I would be outside admiring the night sky.

I was lucky enough to live in a town where not enough light would pollute the view above. My great-aunt and I would sit on the balcony and look for “falling stars” sipping on our hot chocolate and hope that maybe one of our wishes would come true.

I knew those weren’t stars, that no wishes would come true, but I knew better than to break my great-aunt’s heart.

Rising Stories

Space is infinite, or maybe not, but it is what drives my passion. Everything from the first sci-fi movie I watched to the very last space documentary. Everything ignites my fire and imagination. However, writing science-fiction is more than just a story, research is essential and never stop looking for answers.

Inspired by iconic franchises, novel, and series, I also base my decisions on physics, sciences of today and what might be tomorrow. I even took a Ufology course, and I am now studying Astronomy.

Science is essential to me, and I want my novels to reflect that part of me. So there it is, my first blog for my personal author website!

Until next time!
The OCD Nerd,
A. Wayne

Published by Alexa Wayne

I am a twisted nerd creative who enjoys writing and drawing! I'm an Author | Blogger | Batmanologist | Professional Nerd | Illustrator | Graphic/Web Designer | Ufologist! I'm the Gothic Bite Magazine creator and can't stop coming up with new stories!

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