How A Cartoon Vampire Made My Name

Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne

Black hair, black and red leggings, a black long short sleeve sweater, and black lipstick, who is it? Mavis has a kind voice, loves everyone, and can be a little shy and introverted. Wait, is that me? Maybe, but she also has another name, and that’s Mavis.

Cartoon Vampire

When I opened my account on DeviantArt, I wanted to make sure it would be a name I would be okay with for the rest of my life since you can’t change it once your account is activated unless you pay for it.

That is not something I want to do. I had to think about my name, an imaginative one, or anything else. Then again, I can’t be anyone else than me. So, how a cartoon vampire made my name? It didn’t happen right away.

Alexa Wayne by Alexa Wayne

My journey on DeviantArt started wonderfully and grew to be more than I ever expected. It created a name for myself as I pushed through becoming better every day in my art. Despite having a story entirely for another time going in the opposite direction, this one is all about the one little character that made me.

I didn’t know how to use DeviantArt to its full potential. So, I would post my drawings on there, and one day, an artist called Nico came by and let me know how to have my drawings before a greater audience. The adventures of Alexa Wayne started! Quickly, I joined over two hundred groups and developed friendships with fellow artists.

Then, I became the Living Mavis and OCD Vampire.

Hotel Vampire Alexa

My personality is a little Gothic and nocturnal. My head had too much imagination and made up stories. So, of course, I’d fall for a movie about monsters! I was the “Wednesday Addams” of my town. I was a strange and unusual one.

Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne
Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne

When I watched the Hotel Transylvania movies, I fell in love with the originality and uniqueness of the story. Then, when I wasn’t expecting it, sitting on my couch talking to my husband as he was about to leave the house to get dinner, I saw from the corner of my eye something that changed my life.

It was the commercial announcing the Hotel Transylvania – The Series cartoon!

Hotel Transylvania The Series – Official Trailer 2017

I automatically programmed our DVR to record every single episode and wouldn’t miss one of them! I watched the series, then saw the nominations for animation, the award the Canadian team won, and was proud.

This cartoon is so refreshing and as addicted as I am, because I had nothing to watch as a little gothic girl, it brought big smiles in my life. Now, this is how a cartoon vampire made my name.

Vampire Made My Name

I loved the cartoon of Hotel Transylvania so much that it inspired me to create so many artworks that I started during the holidays! I came up with one each day and shared it everywhere I could! Soon, it spread and now shows up on Google, DeviantArt, Pinterest, and other social media.

The drawings with many different facial expressions caught the attention of many people that came to me and asked for more.

It even got me to be on a podcast I loved, Zombiepalooza Radio Live! The many faces of this character had people who knew me say I was the live incarnation of this little cutie vampire.

Those drawings even inspired me to create Gothic Bite Magazine so that there would be a home for all the people like me. Until this cartoon, I had nothing to watch that represented me. Now, I do. I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t disappear.

A Hotel For All

While Mavis, the cartoon, made my name, I hope I helped her come back for a second season now scheduled to start on October 19th, 2019. I tried to share my love for her as much as I could. I drew her so many times. I love each and every drawing I made.

Aunt Lydia inspired by Alexa Wayne
Aunt Lydia inspired by Alexa Wayne

Of course, I changed her so that we are a mix of both of us together, but it’s us. The result of all those drawings and craziness is a perfect amalgam of me and a little hotel vampire cartoon series. She touched me and helped me brand myself as the OCD Vampire and Living Mavis.

So, to all the awesome little monsters out there, I’m here and make amazing small cartoon drawings for your pleasure, and Hotel Transylvania – The Series Season 2 starts soon! And, this is how a cartoon vampire made my name.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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I am a twisted nerd creative who enjoys writing and drawing! I'm an Author | Blogger | Batmanologist | Professional Nerd | Illustrator | Graphic/Web Designer | Ufologist! I'm the Gothic Bite Magazine creator and can't stop coming up with new stories!

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