Monsters Are Made of Pixels & Mayhem

Vlad Tepes - Luke Evans by Alexa Wayne

Many asked if my drawings were available as a book. Some others asked if I was at comic cons. My new release, Pixels & Mayhem, is a collection of my best drawings available on AMAZON!

A Monster Report

What to say about me? I am introverted and quite proud of it now. I think it has to do with me believing it helps me as a full-time author and artist. The workload sometimes is heavy, but my little dog, Carey, she’s always by my side ready to help with her cuteness. I didn’t tell her that monsters are made of pixels and mayhem

After studying graphic and web design, I studied 2D and 3D Animation in separated colleges for a semester each. I realized though I learned the skills, it is not for me! So, I turned to a type of art I can’t stop reading, the sequential one, i.e., comic books!

©Alexa Wayne – 2017


I enrolled in Sequential Art, Anatomy, Inking & Rendering, and Comic Book Art with the best school I ever went to Comics Experience. My teacher was the excellent comic book artist who worked for the “Big 2” Robert Atkins. It was unbelievable, and I met amazing people in the process.

As a refresher, I have a certification in WordPress Web Design from TeachUComp.

A Monster’s Insecurity

Sadly, I never thought it to be enough. I doubted my abilities and believed artists should have higher paperwork. So, I enrolled at the worst school possible, College Salette, for Advertisement Art, biggest mistake ever!

You know, it was one of those cases where the student was the teacher and ended up being the teacher to everyone. Oh, you don’t see that one? Yes, that’s because it shouldn’t happen.

Because I didn’t learn from my mistake, I went to Syn Studio, where I joined courses in Digital Painting, Storytelling & Design, Character Rendering, and Comic Book Art. The truth is, I didn’t need those.

Alexa Wayne

I have my certifications, but art has nothing to do with paperwork. Do not believe “artists are made.” They are not “artists are born” because we have an entirely different view on life. We are touched deeper than most.

I chose to believe what teachers from both schools said that I wouldn’t make it because of my lack of talent. I decided to seclude myself in the harsh daylight.

Why don’t I say “in the dark” or seclusion is close to introversion? Because being introverted doesn’t mean shutting yourself from those you love, and to me, daylight is not a comfortable place.

Pixels & Mayhem

After some friends’ help, such as James, Kendra, and Tara, I emerged stronger. I turned to Gothic Bite Magazine and decided it was time for me to take courses online like I loved to do.

I now own certifications in Proofreading & Editing, Creative Writing, Novel Writing, Successful Self-Publishing, and Blogging for Business, Social Marketing, and Virtual Assistant.

Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne
Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne

However, I wanted more. Now I have certifications in Astronomy, Ufology, Advanced Wicca, and Cryptozoology. Why all those courses? I wanted those because I needed to become self-sufficient also because the school I found is the best on the planet for those courses!

It was important to me to rebuild my self-confidence and obtain knowledge in what I knew was necessary. Those have nothing to do with art but how to make it a business.

The results were different, and the teachers encouraging instead of well, the opposite. I guess nobody told them monsters are made of pixels & mayhem!

Monsters of Pixels

My love for graphic and web design is continuously growing with Gothic Bite Magazine. I can use all of my knowledge to bring our standards higher and more professional than ever. The truth is, I use it for my novels and everything I do. Learning is never a waste of time.

As an artist, hearing things such as “you can never make it,” or “you lack the talent for it” are harsh words. Of course, again, people would say, “grow a backbone or this industry will swallow you and spit you out.”

Guess what? My answer is this: if your world for an artist requires us to become soulless automatons, I choose not to be a part of it. If you ask why my answer is this: it goes against what art stands for. It is wrong. I would be an insult to the greatest of all art patrons.

Rebuilding a monster is hard because we’re not well accepted, to begin with, and we live hidden. Monsters like me, we are introverted and don’t like the spotlight. Rebuilding myself required time and a lot of coffee.

Monsters of Pixels & Mayhem

It was not until about two years ago that I heard of online stores like RedBubble from someone who followed me and loved my art. I opened my online store, and months later, I received an email from someone working at Tee Public requesting that I joined their artists as licensed fan art artists.

Now, I have two stores and Gothic Bite Magazine to keep me happy. This OCD Vampire found her place! Between my novels, my magazine and art, I can say I’m quite busy. Am I still shooting for the stars? You bet I am, just not in the same direction I thought I would.

Pixels & Mayhem — A Collection of Drawings by Alexa Wayne
Pixels & Mayhem — A Collection of Drawings by Alexa Wayne


Now, the first volume collection of my art is out on Amazon, Pixels & Mayhem — A Collection of Drawings. It has all of my best artwork from the past three years. It includes some “how I do it,” sketches from me.

My heart and my soul are in it, and I hope you enjoy the final product. Monsters are made of pixels & mayhem. Yup, Pixels & Mayhem was perfect for the title!

A Monster’s Mayhem

My love for the art mutated and died, only to have a rebirth made up of different pieces stitched together. It’s okay. I love Frankenstein’s monster. I love the idea of being part of various things that make us who we are or who we become.

What’s next for me? Oh, well, this OCD Vampire received a demand for holiday cards featuring a cartoon-me in the quite stressful and platonic environment. So, I am preparing for the next step in my art career: listening to what people want from me as long as it’s positive!

Holiday Collection by Alexa Wayne
Holiday Collection by Alexa Wayne

My advice: be a monster and be proud of it. Stand against the crowd, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you cannot make it. No, you do not need a backbone made of steel, only enough strength to walk away from those who say you need to be emotionless.

That is because the truth is, that place belongs to soul-suckers. There is always another place better for you. I found mine, and you can find yours.

Remember, monsters are made of Pixels & Mayhem!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

Published by Alexa Wayne

I am a twisted nerd creative who enjoys writing and drawing! I'm an Author | Blogger | Batmanologist | Professional Nerd | Illustrator | Graphic/Web Designer | Ufologist! I'm the Gothic Bite Magazine creator and can't stop coming up with new stories!

3 thoughts on “Monsters Are Made of Pixels & Mayhem

    1. You are welcome not to buy it. This is a collection of my work that some people asked if there was a way for them to buy it in bulk.

      I mean, you must be aware that artists at cons do pay top dollars for fan art just like some do pay a lot to have collections of fan fiction?

      I am an artist that does original work, however, those original work I do charge more because they are conceptual art that people pay top dollar have done for their own projects.

      Artists like me live on fan art and fandoms so that people recognize the work and are attracted to it to look and then buy because they relate to the character.

      But, good for you if you don’t want to buy it!


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