Superheroes have been part of Alexa Wayne’s life for a very long time. It started with comic books, movies and now series. It invaded our lives and now we can’t go anywhere without hearing the name of a superhero.

Of course, the life of a freelance artist is no different! So many fandoms, companies and characters! Like all other fictional worlds, it also has many fan fictions and non-canonical characters added by fans.

Alexa Wayne drew so many superheroes and she loves it hopes to draw more. With a nerd like her, there should be some superhero drawings in this portfolio website!

Alexa Wayne decided to display some of her favorites commissions she did on the subject. Wayne is a huge DC Comics fan and mostly proud to be “Batman obsessed.”

Nonetheless, you’ll see some Marvel Comics pieces too as she has been commissioned to draw some over the years.

Alexa Wayne doesn’t uniquely draw the Dark Knight. She also illustrate the boys he helped shaped into fearless men. Alexa is not a huge fan of the Robins, but once they are men, you can betcha she’s going to pay attention and draw them! Haha!


Is it essential for Alexa Wayne to explain why Walt Disney played such an essential role in her life. A long story short. Alexa’s mother is an artist, always was and most likely always will be.

When she had Alexa, she made sure her daughter watched the best of the best, and of course, her first experience in the theaters was The Little Mermaid. Alexa related to many of the Disney characters, not always the princesses, but there always was something to attract her eye.

Growing up, Alexa felt strange and different than most people around her. Sometimes, she felt guilty about her past and developed anxiety. Now, when watching Disney movies, Wayne realizes that there’s always something for the young and the old
to learn.

Alexa Wayne believes that is why she still has commissions to this day related to Walt Disney. It forever stays in our mind. The art of Glen Keane and Mark Henn always close to her heart.

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