Sometimes Alexa Wayne get commissioned to draw specific characters or fan art based superheroes and it always impresses her the ideas people can have. Most of Alexa’s commissions come from DeviantArt where she made a name for herself.

Fandoms are now more powerful than ever and permit artists like her to make money drawing characters no one ever thought someone would be paid to draw. It’s amazing what Alexa Wayne got to do over the years.

Social platforms helped Alexa get her name out there, drawing every day also allowed her to spread the word about her art. Commissions help Wayne with keeping variety in her portfolio.

Aside from the usual she is known for, sometimes people come up with characters belonging to a fandom she knows and call those OC, meaning Original Character and Alexa Wayne is always touched when they are happy with the result.


It is no secret, Alexa Wayne is an animal lover. She is quite introverted and in fact, she does prefer animal company to humans. She often feels like animals understand her better. Growing up surrounded by nature, she developed a bond with it.

When she first heard the song Circle of Life, she admitted crying and hoped adults would understand the message carried by the beautiful voice of Carmen Twillie. Alexa desired nothing more than to protect animals and tell them how much they meant to her.

Because she has a sensitive side, she couldn’t become a veterinarian or work for animal rescues, be a marine biologist or anything as such since her mental health would’ve been at risk. Instead, she decided to draw animals, hopeful that it would help.

Animals are a big part of Alexa’s life, even her writing. She can’t never do enough for them. They all have a place in her heart, on Earth and in the Circle of Life.

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