Nightwalker Has Nothing To Do With Batman

Ever since I was a child, Batman was part of my life. As I grew up, my love for Batman grew stronger and more prominent that now I call myself a Batmanologist. This review is not going to be pretty. Brace for impact. Nightwalker has nothing to do with Batman.

*** Note that I have nothing against Marie Lu, as I never read one of her novels. I am only critiquing her Batman Nightwalker novel alone. Spoiler Alert. ***

Batman Nightwalker Official Summary

The Nightwalkers are terrorizing Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne is next on their list. Bruce is turning eighteen and inheriting his family’s fortune, not to mention the keys to Wayne Industries and all the tech gadgetry that he could ever desire. However, on the way home from his birthday party, he makes an impulsive choice that leads to community service at Arkham Asylum, the infamous prison.

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Captain Vane Noticed Me! The One From Black Sails

Charles Vane was an English pirate who operated in the Bahamas during the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. Vane was likely born in the Kingdom of England around 1680. — Wikipedia

Pirate Nerd Mostly Captain Vane

I am a huge Age of Piracy nerd. I was always interested in history, but pirates are my favorite subject. Of course, I’m a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean. However, when Black Sails came out, I hesitated because I feared mistakes would show. Yet, Captain Vane noticed me!

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Is Amazon Truly A Bad Guy For Indies?

Amazon is the online stop where most indie authors go to find a place for themselves. It is a place to build a brand but also hides its double-edged sword. Let’s find out why and see if Amazon is truly a bad guy for indies.

Amazon Back In My Day

Amazon started as an online bookstore. Do you remember the old days where we had the landline Internet, and we had to tell our mom to get off the phone? If you’re my age, you probably remember. No one knew, is Amazon truly a bad guy for indies? No on knew because we weren’t there yet.

I would have Napster running, shhh! I’d have Wikipedia when it was not that great yet. Oh! I didn’t use Google back then. It was Yahoo that was “all the rage!” Seriously, having an email was “something!”

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Monsters Are Made of Pixels & Mayhem

Many asked if my drawings were available as a book. Some others asked if I was at comic cons. My new release, Pixels & Mayhem, is a collection of my best drawings available on AMAZON!

A Monster Report

What to say about me? I am introverted and quite proud of it now. I think it has to do with me believing it helps me as a full-time author and artist. The workload sometimes is heavy, but my little dog, Carey, she’s always by my side ready to help with her cuteness. I didn’t tell her that monsters are made of pixels and mayhem

After studying graphic and web design, I studied 2D and 3D Animation in separated colleges for a semester each. I realized though I learned the skills, it is not for me! So, I turned to a type of art I can’t stop reading, the sequential one, i.e., comic books!

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How A Cartoon Vampire Made My Name

Black hair, black and red leggings, a black long short sleeve sweater, and black lipstick, who is it? Mavis has a kind voice, loves everyone, and can be a little shy and introverted. Wait, is that me? Maybe, but she also has another name, and that’s Mavis.

Cartoon Vampire

When I opened my account on DeviantArt, I wanted to make sure it would be a name I would be okay with for the rest of my life since you can’t change it once your account is activated unless you pay for it.

That is not something I want to do. I had to think about my name, an imaginative one, or anything else. Then again, I can’t be anyone else than me. So, how a cartoon vampire made my name? It didn’t happen right away.

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A. Wayne on The Authors Show

A. Wayne is a Gothic Action author with a passion for the paranormal, cryptozoology, and what might be hiding in the dark. Now, on the verge of releasing her sequel to Mrs. Blackwood, she is to appear on the #1 Author Radio Show!

A Little About A. Wayne

Alexa Wayne, the CEO of Gothic Bite Magazine and Gothic Action author, is a proud introvert. She believes it to be an asset for someone who studies, research and write all day long and night. She likes to be alone with her American Cocker, Carey by her side and read about the latest discoveries in the darkness.

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A. Wayne the Ufologist

I’ve always had an interest in space and never doubted that life exist on other planets.

I’ve always had an interest in space and never doubted that life exists on other planets. The question I had was: are UFO real?

Falling Stars

Sometimes I would just sit down by the patio door and look at the stars in the sky. I was only a toddler at the time. I would ask myself thousands of questions: who or what created the universe, then who or what created that thing or being, then who or what, you get it the idea.

Those questions would have me fall into daydream and smile. There was nothing I could do that would stop my mind from wandering and think about what was up there. It was, and as I grew older each meteor shower, I would be outside admiring the night sky.

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An Artist With Anxiety

When I was younger, I thought that my night terrors were usual. I thought that my overactive imagination was a curse.

I thought I was abnormal and didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t know an artist lived with anxiety.

Once Upon A Time

I grew up with my mother and grandparents under the same roof. My mother was an artist, drawing and painting. My grandpa worked at a binding company for publishers. He would bring home many books that had small defaults in the paging, margins or didn’t make the mark. Believe me; we had priceless bookshelves!

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Done Adulting

Growing up I found that I lost most of myself and became someone new. It was a good feeling, until three voices spoke to me.

One telling me what I should do the other is overthinking how to make my dream come true. The third one screaming doubts because I’m thirty going on nine.

The Top Three

Since my youngest years, I’ve been creating stories and drawings that first looked like a bunch of lines pointing toward nowhere. A few years later, helped by my mother and desire to draw as good as my heroes, I began developing confidence.

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