Nowadays it is not enough to write and read, some people are more visual and others like to get lost in the telling of a story with their eyes closed. Not everyone can do it but Alexa Wayne can. She has fourteen years of theatrical and cinema acting and over sixteen years of singing training. Alexa Wayne has a trained voice to bring life to stories!

Alexa Wayne provides a full reading of novels from the first to the last page. She does it within the norms of ACX and with a professional equipment. Alexa Wayne works with an iMac 27″ through Quick Time and once finished, she gives back and .MP3 file.

Here is a sample of Alexa Wayne reading of 90 seconds from the Mrs. Blackwood Book #1 of The Impaler Series, novel available on Amazon!


Because now a book trailer is an amazing way to promote a novel, Alexa Wayne offers her services as the one to make your book come to screen. Alexa is a professional graphic and web designer that studied also 3D Animation and therefore has the knowledge to make trailers.

With my fourteen years as an actress, I do understand rhythm in a trailer and what it takes to sell a story. I work with my iMac 27″ and iMovies as well as other programs. I can help make your novel come to life!

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

*** 18+ MATURE CONTENT ***

A tantalizing peek into the alluring realm of the darkly paranormal. One collection. Nine novels. Step into the shadows and discover the twilight worlds where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror exist under cover of darkness.

The Gothic Girmoire Anthology Book Trailer

From a flip of the dark pages of an old grimoire to the mysterious inking on a sexy stranger, a seductive spell cast on a whim, shadowy readings of mysterious runes, THE GOTHIC GRIMOIRE delivers enigmatic tales of the other realms.

The Gothic Grimoire offers nine unique novels that take you into the black and arcane side of fantasy.

Including stories from: Aida Jacobs, Kendra Hale, Kish Knight, Vanessa Ross, A. Wayne, Winter Lawrence, L.A. Maciel, K.Z. Riley and Dora Esquivel.

UNFORGIVEN – Captain Caldwell

1900 hours, 17th of July 2505 (Gregorian Calendar),
Orion Quadrant, Milky Way, Earth,
United-States, Louisiana, New Orleans.
Mission: Ghost aka Unrecorded.

Colonel Locklear is found in a compromising situation after attempting to rescue a top secret team. On his planet, Liberty, they were known to the military as Unit 8. Their most valuable asset being Captain Caldwell. Locklear had fought the war between Earth and Liberty, which humans were the first to colonized.

Independence always have been and still were, a reason to go to war for. When Colonel Locklear was build, with the DNA of who he known as his Native Americans parents, he became the first and only Type 4 Android.

Being a cybernetic being in the twenty-sixth century was illegal and Earth. But, lucky for him he had been saved by Mrs. Borg who thought otherwise. She was the Queen of Louisiana and owned the freedom of many… including his and what he had been looking for all of his life…

Welcome to the 26th Century.

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