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Book cover design is something that Alexa Wayne loves to do. It is one of her favorite part of her work. Part of her studies in the field of Graphic Design, Wayne developed an eye for detail and always kept herself updated with the latest trends and what is
a classic.

Because of her love of reading, Alexa Wayne keeps looking at book covers not only for her interest as an author, but also to see what is out there. She knows the recommendations for a printing company and the digital ones.

Her services vary from photo manipulation to illustrations in various genres. She studied the laws of design, layouts, and resolutions. Alexa knows the recommendations in each category possible. She worked for authors, musicians, and other types of artists.

All Book Covers Presented Below are $25.00 USD.

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

*** 18+ MATURE CONTENT ***

A tantalizing peek into the alluring realm of the darkly paranormal.
One collection. Nine novels.

Step into the shadows and discover the twisted worlds where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror exist under cover of darkness.

Available on Amazon $3.97

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology - Cover by Alexa Wayne
The Gothic Grimoire Anthology – Cover by Alexa Wayne

From a flip of the dark pages of an old grimoire to the mysterious inking on a sexy stranger, a seductive spell cast on a whim, shadowy readings of mysterious runes, THE GOTHIC GRIMOIRE delivers enigmatic tales of the other realms.

The Gothic Grimoire offers nine unique novels that take you into the black and arcane side of fantasy.Including stories from: Aida Jacobs, Kendra Hale, Kish Knight, Vanessa Ross, A. Wayne, Winter Lawrence, L.A. Maciel, K.Z. Riley and Dora Esquivel.

Downfall: The Supra Humans Vol. 1

When the world needs more than heroes when the world needs little more… Do you wish to know more?

*** 18+ MATURE CONTENT ***

Supra humansThe world is in need of people ready to take the mantle of justice. The world needs someone to stand for what is right despite the outcome and some of the acts that it requires to bring back the balance the people need.

Available on Amazon for $3.95

Downfall Anthology - Cover by Alexa Wayne
Downfall Anthology – Cover by Alexa Wayne

When it comes to heroes some have powers, others have mutations. Some might have wings or come from a different place. Heroes are hiding in the forgotten places. You can find them all united in one volume named, Downfall – Supra Humans Vol. 1.

Coming in a variety of genres, always with a paranormal or horror tendency, we have stories for all readers. Downfall focuses on heroes that existed in the mind of authors ready to put them on paper. While some decided to follow the more traditional route of heroes, others shared their vision of what a true hero could be.


When the holidays knock on our door, our hearts are filled with joy and all we hope is to make our loved ones happy.  We think of the family gatherings, the Christmas tree tall and proud lighting our home.  We smell the comforting aroma of home cooked meals and reminisce the joys of the past… where hides the skeletons deep in the darkness of the closet.

Krampus never forgot your past mistakes, and he has now awakened and back to make his name part of the holidays again.  All readers must be aware, Krampus is coming, do you feel it in the air?

Available on Amazon for $2.99


Think that all of Santa’s elves are sweet and adorable?
The five elves that make up Krampus Korps would beg to differ!

Trained for the sole purpose of keeping Krampus in line, these elves are small but mighty. Once lauded as heroes, they were forcibly retired a century ago when the threat of Krampus seemed to diminish.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99

Merry Krampus written by Aida Jacobs Cover by Alexa Wayne
Krampus Korps written by Aida Jacobs Cover by Alexa Wayne

But now, Krampus has gone rogue, and Christmas is in danger.
Can the Korps rally in time to end the threat?


Every knows the rules of Christmas, good gets treated with kindness while badness gets the proverbial coal. Krampusnaught works on the opposite rule set.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99

Merry Krampus written by Kendra Hale Cover by Alexa Wayne
A Krampusnaught Tale by Kendra Hale – Book Cover by Alexa Wayne

But there are times where the rules are blurred, shifted even. This Krampusnaught things are a little different and one soul is about to be put on trial in an event that only happens once every few hundred years.

Good little ones get ignored while the bad ones get their just reward; some even get an exclusive one way trip. Krampus is their guide and ride as they make their journey
to hell.


Brett Ellington isn’t into the supernatural or the occult. Most days, in fact, he likes to consider himself a normal kid. Sure, his parents are a little too overprotective, but he knows that isn’t really unusual given that his older brother died when he was a kid.

Brandon’s loss isn’t something Brett really dwells on much anymore, but when his girlfriend and her best friend suggest a séance one weekend, Brett agrees to go along with it—not to really speak with his brother, but to save face.

The night of December 5th begins like any other. Brett’s friends arrive at his place and make themselves at home in his basement. It has all of the amenities that any kid could ever hope for, which is exactly what his parents intended when they converted the space into a teen hangout.

They’re always quick to remind him that it’s safer for them there, and that they have peace of mind knowing that he’s home. That night, Brett also takes solace in knowing that his parents are close, because as the séance draws nearer, he becomes increasingly unsettled, especially when his girlfriend produces an Ouija board from her friend’s bag.

That’s when Brett knows for certain that the séance is a bad idea, but with his friends eager to start, Brett goes along with the silly preparations his girlfriend’s best friend insists on performing beforehand.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99.

Merry Krampus written by Winter Lawrence Cover by Alexa Wayne
My Brother’s Keeper by Winter Lawrence – Book Cover by Alexa Wayne

Then they begin.

At first, all is quiet, but then there’s a rattling sound near the chimney, followed by a loud thud that reverberates through the house, like something fell onto the roof…or perhaps landed there…then the planchette begins to ricochet between the letters H-O-H-O-H-O. Could it be Brandon, trying to relay a message from beyond?

Or had Brett and his friends accidentally stumbled upon something far more sinister than his older brother?


Mila feels happy, moving closer to her job deep in Mont La Bellerose county. Little did she know the town she would soon call home belongs to many strange people who knows her ancestors.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99.

Merry Krampus written by A. Wayne Cover by Alexa Wayne
Winter Goat Man by A. Wayne – Book Cover by Alexa Wayne

With the help of both her best friends, Mila moves in the house she inherited from her maternal grandmother’s distant cousin only to open the door to a nightmarish view from a Stephen King’s novel!

The more time Mila and her friends spend in the house, the more horror surfaces as Christmas approaches and the Winter Goat Man makes sure Mila’s house is forever his lair.


Someone is taking shifter and human children away in from their homes. The intruder leaves a few intriguing clues, but nothing to help the shifter families find their loved ones.

Marcos wanted to spend his Christmas vacation with his long-time crush Andreas, not expecting to get sidelined by his brother Manuel the alpha of his pack to take care of his nephew Pepe. On the hunt for a Christmas tree, Marcos, Andreas, and Pepe find themselves being hunted by this creature.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99.

Merry Krampus written by Dora Esquivel Cover by Alexa Wayne
Merry Krampus by by Dora Esquivel – Cover by Alexa Wayne

The thing that haunts them is not just evil but demonic. It is twisted and hungry, thirsty for the blood of children, blood he has long been denied. A literal terrifying monster that indulges in sadistic desires.

Can two shifters defeat a demon summoned by an evil shaman? Will they all survive this violent confrontation? Will they be able to find the other children in time?


Every December, my folks would send me to visit my great uncle. He would tell me great tales of toy making elves and jolly Ol’ Saint Nick. Of course, when I grew up, I stopped believing in silly fairy tales. Until I came face-to-face with one of oldest legends ever told.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99.

Merry Krampus written by L.A. Maciel Cover by Alexa Wayne
Merry Krampus by L.A. Maciel – Cover by Alexa Wayne

You see, my uncle didn’t just tell me the happy, joyful stories of the season. He also told me the scary ones. About a creature that predates Christianity. A dark creature that comes on December 5th to take away the bad children… most people called him the anti-santa. My uncle called him, Krampus.

This is my story about my visit from Krampus… A Krampus visit.


When the world leaps into a new configuration Nan must choose between loyalty to her family and giving up.

Available on Amazon as part of the Merry Krampus Anthology for $2.99.

Merry Krampus written by Maria Mcnamee-Hirt Cover by Alexa Wayne
Merry Krampus by Maria Mcnamee-Hirt – Cover by Alexa Wayne

Can she conform? Can she face the chances life offers her and make a new life for her and her daughter?

When the most basic understanding of self and other come in to focus will Nan be up to the challenge?


After being attacked by creatures she never thought existed, Coralie woke up to a new life as Mrs. Blackwood and yet, has next to no recollection of getting married. Coralie never thought it possible to fall for someone so fast. 

Her husband, Mr. Blackwood, confessed to be of both vampire and werewolf blood and promised to free her from him once she would be safe from his enemy which they realized was closer than they thought and again, changed Coralie’s life when she learned of her own bloodline.

Available on Amazon


Mrs. Blackwood is the first instalment in The Impaler series. Nightmares will be unleashed, a monster from the past will be revived while all the He ever wanted will have turned out to be impossible. His illusion was his only mistake.


Available on Amazon

Frankie is a 21st-century computer programmer, turned ufologist when she is approached by the members of the LSS Slicer crew. The starship being commanded by Captain Caldwell. She becomes their most significant asset in the temporal war.

Their enemies were ready to die for a spectre of her DNA. The Dome and Rakes in the Scorpius Quadrant forged a betrothal with the Orion Quadrant’s defence, the Alliance. Nowhere is safe anymore.

Within Frankie’s DNA, is the infinite knowledge of the Greys. It hides within it how to revive their technology and share their knowledge. Frankie had to remain safe. Like her life, if compromised, could easily mean the end of the Milky Way. Life as she knew, completely shredded.

Caldwell promised to keep Earth’s history safe by using Frankie’s knowledge of her home, untainted by the Dome’s time traveling. Caldwell would use Frankie to re-establish her timeline and all others until the Dome’s complete alienation. Not everyone believed Caldwell deserved trust.

The mission: save time and space from the 26th century at all costs.


One December night, Laila notices that a black Cadillac parked from days before remained close to her driveway. It could have stopped to suspicions but only rolled downhill when she meets an alien from outer space and out of time sent to bring her to the future that is falling apart.

Available on Amazon for $3.98

ICEFALL - Merry Noel by Alexa Wayne
ICEFALL – Merry Noel by Alexa Wayne

Laila’s suppressed memories slowly surface as she grows closer to the alien, Jade, who explains to her that Earth morphs into Hell in the twenty-third century.

The space-time continuum realigned by the Dome Corporation to fit their Dark Ages’ agenda sends Khe Agents to bring Laila to the leader of hell where torture, nightmares, fears, and science collide, and Laila’s dream of a calm white Christmas shatters.


Pearl Dale was a dreadful pirate at the head of the most feared ship on all the seas of Atlas, the Squid. After the death of her parents, she had swore revenged, but it all had to be put aside when waking up tied up to her lover, Claudio, a Knight of Malta. Both born of Earth and Atlas parents, the union wouldn’t take long before killing them both living the Squid up for grab.

Pearl was not about to give up on her duty as part of the Order of Pirates therefore she found the one man behind it all. From Sherwood, her boatswain betrayed not only her, but the Squid and her people. Would she have enough time to untie their union to save Claudio slowly dying from the burning rope around his wrist? Would Pearl finally confess to her crew who she truly was and what? 

Mermaid Island… magic comes with a price… and so does paradise.

Available on Amazon

MEMORY REMAINS – So, It Begins by A. Wayne – Cover by Alexa Wayne


Mermaid Island, where all pleasures and joy comes at a very high price. Close to the portal to Earth, it rejects its people when it has enough souls to sustain its highly demanding core. Until the Trident is in the hands of the one true heir to the throne of Atlantis, the portal will represent a menace to all Poseidon world people who fear an invasion of Earth.

Only one pirate carries the name to command the Trident, but with one obstacle in her way, she might never find what will have her rule all the seas of Poseidon and free the merfolk of Atlantis. As long as those who had kill her parents would be alive, Pearl Dale won’t surrender and fight for the treasure that belongs to Mermaid Island and bring back the Trident from below.

It all comes at price.


I have been writing for the last twenty years. My inspiration mostly comes from nature, ancient history and classic literature. But I have also looked up to the great work of poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickens.

Because my passion for writing and reading doesn’t stop at sonnets and novels, I have also read Shakespeare and fables by The Brothers Grimm.Then I wondered where it all began and so the mythologies of the great ancient civilizations awaken my mind and I had to write stories that took form in my mind.

Available on Amazon

Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry written by Luna Nyx Frost cover by Alexa Wayne
Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry written by Luna Nyx Frost cover by Alexa Wayne

My knowledge of history, fantasy and Gothic that I’ve studied over the years I guess brought me to where I am today: a writer and researcher for Gothic Bite and believe me that you will read a lot about me.

And here is a collection of my poems that I have written based on what I love the most and what I fear the most and the lightest and darkest side of my mind. Enjoy, the world hidden inside my head.

For the moment, please, shush, I’m trying to read.
Luna Nyx Frost

More to come…

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