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Website designing is something that Alexa Wayne loves to do. It is one of her favorite parts of her work. Part of her studies in the field of Graphic Design, Wayne developed an eye for detail and always kept herself updated with the latest trends and what is a classic.

Because of her love of learning, Alexa Wayne keeps looking at websites not only for her interest as an artist, but also to see what is out there. She knows the recommendations for a variety of fields.

Her services vary from WordPress to Wix and she is getting used to Weebly and SquareSpace. She studied the laws of design, layouts, and resolutions. Alexa knows the recommendations in each category possible. She worked for authors, musicians, and other types of artists.

All Website Designs below started at $80.00 USD.

Gothic Bite Magazine

Gothic Bite Magazine is not your typical reading. GBM is all about folklores, legends, monsters and hauntings.

Gothic Bite Magazine Website by Alexa Wayne
Gothic Bite Magazine Website by Alexa Wayne

This magazine is unique in its genre and welcome the indie community. GBM offers advertisement at a low cost and welcome submissions from everyone.


D.O. Esquivel has been on her own since the age of sixteen years old 16. She considers herself born a rebel.

She grew up on the border of the American State of Texas and the country of Mexico. Dora had many adventures in her military career in the AirForce. She traveled the world and yet, kept her dream of writing alive.

Dora has many various journals that she kept. Each of them, filled with written stories that now needs to be worked on and step in the world of literature. She has now reached a point in her life where she wishes to dedicate herself to her passion for writing. With many stories in her head, Dora believes her imagination can’t leave her alone.

Dora Esquivel Author Website

While listening to 80s music when not writing, you can also find Dora either exercising. She loves taking care of her family, as she has a full house with her mother, husband, two sons, and dogs. She keeps herself busy and well surrounded.

However, do not categorize Dora as a happy go lucky author. This author prefers the dark side of literature, where horror, gore, and sexual encounters meet one another. There is nothing more luring than the darkest of creatures dragging you into its hell.

A regular writer for the paranormal webzine, Gothic Bite Magazine, Dora has also participated in various anthologies and projects. She has a few novels out, her latest being, The Beast.

To keep up with Dora, join her website mailing list and follow her on Gothic Bite Magazine!

A.D. Wayne Space Author Website

The A.D. Wayne Space website is not just science fiction culture reading. ADWS is a place about superheroes, indie community, creativity and reviews.

This Space Website is for all fandoms and welcome everyone. ADWS offers advertisement at a low cost and welcome submissions from everyone.

A.D. Wayne Professional Author Website

A.D. Wayne is a professional horror author in the Epic Gothic themes. The website had to be more portfolio and press kit ready demonstrating multiple talents.

A.D. Wayne is a name that must be associated with a certain genre, and therefore, the website had to reflect her work.

A Tale of Two Pages: In Construction

When it comes to finding the perfect community for you, it can be hard, especially if you are specifically talking about books. I am in the process of rebuilding the book review website of A Tale of Two Pages.

A Tale of Two Pages - Under Construction by Alexa Wayne
A Tale of Two Pages – Under Construction by Alexa Wayne

However, now and again you can find a place where your creativity and share in the work of others. If you have not found The Write Reads on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, then…

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