Drawing Workshop – Easy & OCD

Alexa Wayne can help achieve desires to find it easier to draw. Alexa can coach people in drawing and help them with little tricks and rules of thumb that make drawing way easier than it sometimes look. There are easy steps that Alexa find very helpful and will show those during the Workshop.

After over twenty years of drawing, Alexa believes she has learned quite a few detour to make certain style look great. During those courses Alexa will share her screen and show you live, what it looks like to draw basics, penciling, inks and rendering.

It does not matter the style that you prefer: Comic Book | Disney | DreamWorks | Traditional | Realistic | Cartoon.

Alexa Wayne’s Drawing Workshop – Easy & OCD is divided in eight (8) classes of an hour (60 minutes) each, but Alexa doesn’t calculate the little extras when questions pop-ups at the end of the class. 😉

Each class has a specific subject that needs to be covered and will be divided as such…

1st Class: The Rules of Thumb.
2nd Class: The Head.
3rd Class: The Body – Male & Female.
4th Class: Choose Your Character (it doesn’t matter which one it is.)
5th Class: Dynamic Poses.
6th Class: Inking | Tricks | Cheats.
7th Class: Easy professional looking backgrounds.
8th Class: The Summary + Individual Critique.

Over the eight (8) week workshop Alexa will help each participant in understanding the fundamentals through the style you prefer and what you want to achieve. Through emails, Alexa Wayne will answer all of your questions individually and help prepare you on your journey to become a wonderful artist or finish the project you started.

Alexa Wayne will be available to you throughout the whole workshop regardless of your time zone. 🙂

Price: $35.00 USD for the complete eight (8) week Drawing Workshop.
Includes: Eight (8) hours of teaching, Q&A, Emails, Assignments, Video Session with me.
Requirement: Computer with internet.
Where: Facebook.
Maximum Participants: 4-6 people.

Assassin's Creed - Black Flag - Cry of Freedom by Alexa Wayne
Assassin’s Creed – Black Flag – Cry of Freedom by Alexa Wayne

Start: To Come.

Enroll Here

However, if you prefer to contact Alexa Wayne only once for a specific question, you may do so by reaching out to her through a message in the contact section. Why is Alexa Wayne a good coach in drawing?
Read below. 😀



My mother was my first influential artist in my life. She studied art and was a great drawer and painter. I was first introduced to the art by watching Walt Disney movies back in the late 80’s and 90’s. I was in advanced art classes and won a few drawing contests as well.

Through the age of 3 to 17 I took classical ballet, theatrical and cinema acting, drawing and singing courses. I have learned the fundamentals and the requirements of many artistic fields that helps one develop imagination, discipline and autonomy.

I then decided to turn to graphic & web design and earned a diploma in the field. Then, as my passion for art rose, I took a 2D Animation course at Studio Technique with Samantha Youssef who worked for Walt Disney. Then, I took one semester in 3D Animation at Montmorency College

After those courses done, I realized I preferred sequential art and took the Pixar Master Class where I learned more about Storyboard and 3D Animation. My satisfaction wasn’t met yet and so I  turned to Comics Experience where I took 3 courses: Inking & Rendering | Drawing Anatomy | The Art of Comic Book, all courses with Robert Atkins.

To learn more about Sequential Art, I went to Salette College for a complete semester and then switched to Syn Studio to learn more about the digital aspect with courses such as: Character Rendering | Skills Reboot | Comic Book Art | Digital Paint | Storytelling & Design.

Now I am a professional illustrator and author. I also am a professional graphic & web designer. And I thought it would be interesting to share a little of what I know with others who could think I might bring a little something to there drawings. 🙂

PROGRAMS: Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Clip Studio Paint | Blender | Autodesk Maya | Motion Builder.

SKILLS: Traditional Drawing, Pencilling, Inking, Digital Coloring, Digital Painting.


For a personal quote, because each individual requires different advice and/or questions to be answered, Contact Alexa Wayne personally and it will be a pleasure for her to answer any question.

Online video chat starts at: $20.00 USD / Hour.

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